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 script idea: Do the following
PostPosted: Fri Oct 20, 2023 8:19 pm 
Hello, (didn't know where to post this)

don't really know how to title it.
I have an idea for a script (but don't know how to program it) to kind of replace a google form I made (which I have another person fill in sometimes).
That form has many more things than what I will describe now.

It is a script for single player mode.
So first you set up what you have (also would like to add pictures) in different categories (f.e. dresses: dress 1 "pink ultra short" and a picture of that dress)
*clothing (subcategories (top-underwear, bottom-underwear, dresses, head, top, bottom, feet)) (if a dress is selected, dan nothing from top and bottom can be in the result (and visa versa)) (adding pictures)
*pregnant belly (yes/no (maybe size options in case you have more than 1 of it (3-4months, 5-6months, 7-8 months, 8-9months)))
*fake boobs (the sizes you have (fe triangle 300gr, triangle 700gr, teardrop 300gr, ...) (adding pictures)
(*hairdo, "scrunchie", earrings, other jewellery, nail pollish, make-up, ...)
*toys (face/mouth, on body, in b*tt, in p*ssy or on c*ck, e-stim (which and if for certain locations, channels...)
*assignments (list of things to do (fe: ride your bike for x km & you may not cover up your dress, ...)
*allowed to cum? (no, yes but ruined, ruined on face, ruined in mouth, cum on face, cum in mouth, ....)
*what allowed to watch (whatever you want, bdsm, censored, ....)

Games (this I don't have in the form)
*something like, but depending how strong you win or lose, it would have an effect on what to wear & do. (while playing the game, you have to do certain tasks too, like stripping cloths off, ...)
(f.e. Strong win could result in: "read a book in your room, dress, ball-gag, allowed to cum however you want".
A barely win: "something in the house, housemaid dress, ring-gag, e-stim butt-plug channel A, e-stim cock channel B, cum in mouth.
A strong loss: "ride the bike for 10km don't cover up the dress, dress X, pregnant belly 7-8months, triangle 700gr boobs, e-stim butt-plug, a drool gag, chastity belt")

Friendly Greetings,

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 Re: script idea: Do the following
PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2023 10:51 am 
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Hmn you could check out my AI Mistress.
I may work more on it, but I think it could already do what you want if you give it a good introduction / initial prompt.

Just gotta add some games that the Mistress can run :idea:

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