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 Re: Strip or Die
PostPosted: Thu Jul 12, 2018 7:59 pm 
smfan wrote:
Hi cgut2001,

thank You very much. I thought I was only missing something because if people mention a concrete program name within code, than that program must exist.
That's what I thought. :o
In the meantime I managed to get shell scripts (I'm on linux) kind of working within stripordie and whitequeen. But I'm not absolutely satisfied because I do not want every time the same stim with the same mode settings. Some randomness would be better but only within a certain range. And that's what I'm struggling with. The modes of the device are very different (and have to be) but that means that only switching between modes is not a good idea.

So I'm trying and thinking and trying ... .

Again thank You very much,

Hi Hagen,

using shell-scripts to provide random modes and strength should be possible. As there are libraries for several programming languages available, it may be easier to write a short script e.g. in python.

You could define a list of allowed modes and a set intensity or even a range for every mode. Then each time the script is called a random mode from the list is selected and executed at the set intensity or if a range is given at a value within this range. You could even experiment with probability-distributions so there may be a high probability to get a weak or very strong shock and a high probability for an average one.

Just some ideas, far from an implementation.



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