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Scripting recommandations

doti [ Sun Aug 14, 2011 12:50 pm ]

Here are the what / what not for script writers (most are obvious ;) ) :

Scripts must :
  • Contain one and exactly one call to setInfo()
  • Be checked (Editor>Check)
  • Contain all resources needed, except those included in the main software - a few sounds and images- and those from preceding scripts, as a sequel) ; all resources must be in the good folders (images/, videos/, sounds/, or some subfolders)

Scripts should :
  • Be published using Editor>Menu>File>Publish
  • Contain a comment with the wanted licence (you'll probably like one of the CC licences, as the one in the template)
  • Be as simple as possible, understandable and copyable by a fellow author
  • Add the tags extreme, internet and long if justified

Scripts should not :
  • Be extreme without any kind of warning at the beginning
  • Use work from others without reference
  • Use native java/groovy functions if a way exists instead in the standard SexScripts library
  • Use native java/groovy functions to do OS-dependant things (ex : reaching "c:\...")
  • Containing big resource files (more than 5Mb is too much if you want to use the publish shortcut ; a regular picture is a 1000x1000px jpeg)
  • Be full of grammar, vocabulary... faults without a licence allowing others to correct them

Scripts must not :
  • Contain some files whose names are the same as one of the standard files (including images/default-male.jpg, scripts/test.groovy...)
  • Use native java/groovy functions to do malicious things

If you're unsure of the compliance : publish, we'll see together

Locks on scripts

doti [ Sat Jan 03, 2015 4:14 am ]

New tool on the web site : locking (Authors that used collaboration tools before are already accustomed to it).
Using this tool is recommanded


You can click on a small button, for each script, on the scripts page. You do it to say "I will work on it now, even if I am not the original author."
Technically, it will change nothing, apart showing a nice glowing button instead. Click again to switch it off (It'll also switch off automatically after 7 days).

Also, any script will be automatically anonymously locked for 2 hours after publication (for oversights)

The goals are :
  • Avoiding modification conflicts, 2 writers changing the same thing at the same time, erasing each other when publishing
  • Generate interest of future users

For now, it is anonymous (it is not anonymous inside the database, so others can't switch off your buttons).

Re: Scripting recommandations

MtnMan [ Wed Mar 22, 2017 3:10 am ]

ey I'm new here and don't know how to contact mods. For a bit a feedback you might want to put Sex scripts on mikandi. It's an appstore for these types of things and it will help the community grow.

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