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 Workaround for updating (Linux only)
PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 5:31 am 
Until there is an update to allow updating I have created the following script. I have not tested it as is but have tested individual parts. Figured I would post it anyways since I cannot truly test it until there is an update. Also, it would be better to get a larger testing audience.


#Version 1.4
#Script can be found at

if [ ! -d "UpdaterLogs" ]; then
   mkdir UpdaterLogs

UP_DATE=`date +%Y-%m-%d_%I:%M%p`

echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
echo "Starting SexScripts, checking for update first" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
echo `date` >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log

#Checks the old filedate
ORGDATE=`date -r +%s`
if [ ! -e ]; then

#Downloads the new only if newer
zenity --info --text 'Please wait while I check for an update. Click OK to begin the check.'
wget -N 2>&1 | sed -u 's/.* \([0-9]\+%\)\ \+\([0-9.]\+.\) \(.*\)/\1\n# Downloading at \2\/s, ETA \3/' | zenity --progress --title="Downloading" --auto-close

#Checks the date
NEWDATE=`date -r +%s`

#States the new and old filedate (debugging purposes can be commented out)
echo "NewDate = $NEWDATE and OrgDate = $ORGDATE" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log

#If sexscripts has beed updated on server then asks if you want to update
if [ "$ORGDATE" -lt "$NEWDATE" ] >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
   if zenity --question --text="Update available, would you like to update?"; then
      echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      echo "Updating..." >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
#      Backs up your scripts
      cp -rv scripts oldscripts >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
#      Applies the update, only updates newer files and creates new files
      unzip -uo >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
#      Uncomment the next line to remove the scripts folder completely before coping your old scripts back, I don't do this by default in case an update is made to the default scripts
#      rm -Rv scripts
#      Restores your old scripts
      cp -rvf oldscripts/* scripts >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
#      Deletes the backup of your scripts
      rm -Rv oldscripts >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
#      Changes the last modified date for your scripts (useful for if you have changed the default scripts)
      find scripts -exec touch {} \; >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      zenity --info --text 'Update Successfull! Check '$LOGDIR'/UpdaterLogs/'$UP_DATE' for the update log.'
      echo "SexScripts has been updated!" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      zenity --info --text 'Skipping update, you will be propted next time you start the program.'
#      Deletes the updated to force prompt of update
      echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      echo "Skipping Update..." >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      rm >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
      echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
   zenity --info --text 'No update found, starting SexScripts.'
   echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
   echo "No Update Found" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
   echo "*****************************************" >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log

echo "Starting SexScripts..." >> UpdaterLogs/$UP_DATE.log
exec java -Djava.ext.dirs=lib -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar sexscripts.jar

Save as
Mark the executable bit
ex. chmod +x or chmod 700
It will run SexScripts once it has completed so you no longer need to use the old
If you have changed any of the default scripts ex. SexScripts_Enhanced-Setup_v1.0 please run the following command in a terminal window in your sexscripts folder find scripts -exec touch {} \;
If you have a problem or suggestion I am welcome to all, I will try to fix/add as soon as possible.

1.0 - Initial script: Includes backing up your scripts and prompting for update.
1.1 - Bug Fix: If you apply a new intro script ex. SexScripts_Enhanced-Setup_v1.0 the intro scripts are older than the current update file and get overwritten, this has been fixed.
1.2 - Bug Fix: Upon restoring scripts it copied the oldscripts folder and placed the folder under script, this has been fixed.
1.3 - Uploaded 12/7/11 11:47pm CST
1.3 - Bug Fix: If you delete the old it would fail and not update to the new one.
1.3 - New Feature: Added logging, useful if you encounter errors in the update process, makes troubleshooting much easier.
1.4 - Uploaded 12/11/11 2:57am CST
1.4 - Added progress bar for download so you don't think it's not working when it is downloading an update.

Last edited by UrSlaveInGB on Sun Dec 11, 2011 10:58 am, edited 5 times in total.

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 Re: Workaround for updating (Linux only)
PostPosted: Mon Nov 28, 2011 6:25 pm 
Site Admin
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It looks ok.

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 Re: Workaround for updating (Linux only)
PostPosted: Thu Dec 08, 2011 7:49 am 
Hey everyone, I've made a few updates and had a chance to successfully update to the most reason version. If you are using this script please let me know, also if you find any bugs or wish for an added feature please let me know. I'm always looking at cleaner code so if you know some way to clean up the code and maybe do it in fewer steps I'd be more than happy to work with you!

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 Re: Workaround for updating (Linux only)
PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2015 2:24 am 
Never wanted or needed a webcam until coming here ... so I dig one out of the desk and find out that its dead to windows 7. totally not supported... so I figure what the hell , I'll try using linux ...
so... finally get that installed , and fixed my MBR ... which got whacked...
next , I figure out wtf a repository is ... sort of...
then success on getting the webcam to work through something called Cheese...
sexscripts wont work...
google google google ....... more googling... need stuff... wine... check ..... playonlinux - might need it , f*k it , install that too...
next need java... downloaded it...... and.........................
Houston we have a problem.... I have tried everything I can think of... ive DL'd it , extracted it everywhere at least twice... nada... cant get wine / sexscripts to "see" it... we are talking 2 days . all day of messing with this.

I have used linux only a couple of times and that was basically to bring old rigs back to life to give away to families without a computer...
I wanted to be a linux fan... I know its more secure and even for a good cause... but... I FREAKING HATE IT with a passion now.
webcam wont work on windows and cant get SS to work on linux... I'm totally boned unless someone here knows where there is an actual package of ss I can use. ( I think thats what I need...) and OR , a java package .
I'm running linux mint cinnamon.
any advice or info on this would be greatly appreciated , and please forgive my emo-outburts .. this has been incredibly frustrating.

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 Re: Workaround for updating (Linux only)
PostPosted: Thu Nov 26, 2015 2:03 pm 
Site Admin
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SeScripts uses this library :
Maybe you'll find in it some clues

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 Re: Workaround for updating (Linux only)
PostPosted: Tue Aug 09, 2016 5:14 am 
Hi everyone, this is actually shawnboi44 on a different OS for the moment... don't ask lol... anyway... I know its just a couple people, like me, that had a really hard time getting sexscripts to work on linux mint. (yes because we are horrible noobs ) ... but !! I found a site that had 9 different ways of installing things that aren't in the repository and one of them actually worked.
Here is how to make SS work for us windows users on linux. I'm sure there are better ways to do this, but it's the way that I finally found and I wanted to share it.

1. make a folder called ssss or whatever you want inside the HOME folder.
2. put the sexscripts package you downloaded into this folder
3. extract (unzip) the package into that folder by rightclicking.
4 now open up a terminal
5 change the directory to the folder you made for sexscripts .. just type this in;
cd thefoldername
hit enter
6 now type or copy paste this in
sudo ./
and hit enter
Bamm, that's it it will work. I tested it every way I could think of, the camera works, the CD pops open, everything in the TEST script works 100% now.

p.s. if your webcam doesnt work I installed a package called CHEESE and it works now. its a one click thing, no directions needed.

I know there is a better and probably easier way to do this, but I am a total linux noob and it's the best I can do and it does work.

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