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Let the machine help
Light teasing, exhibition, BDSM, sissyfication, watersports... with sounds and pictures

Timed mail sender

This tool will simply send a mail, with a file inside (picture of you), after a delay, if you fail to cancel it before (see original request, and a fine partner website).

If something fail (no more electricity, exiting webpage...), the email will not be saved nor sent at all anywhere.

You are allowed to use this only for kinky purpose, as a punishment mecanism for yourself (and yourself only). That's why message text is locked (and other safeties).

WARNING : use at your own risks !

As you are not logged in, you'll be restricted in number of emails sent.

Sender (From:)
Receiver (To:)

Please see the picture of myself included. I hope you'll like it, and be sure I'm not ashamed at all.

Please see this picture of myself included. I'm certain you'll like it, and be sure I'm not ashamed at all.

Picture of yourself

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